All People

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19)

Over the last three months, as we’ve studied the Gospel of Matthew, we’ve seen that Jesus Christ is Good News for all people.  From the genealogy in Matthew 1 that includes Jew and Gentile in the fulfillment of God’s promises to magi from the East – non-Jews – coming to worship Jesus to the Great Commission in Matthew 28, Matthew shows us that while Jesus is the Messiah the Jews have hoped for, He is good news for ALL PEOPLE!

Join us this month for a very special series looking at God’s heart for all people.   On March 10, special guest Nigel Christensen from Chosen People Ministries will be speaking on “The Messiah in the Passover”.  In addition, Nigel will be presenting a workshop the previous evening (Sat, Mar 9, 7:00pm) on reaching Jews for Christ.  This 75 minute seminar, split into two sessions, will examine the theological basis for evangelism to the Jews, followed by a look at the challenges of reaching Jews with the Gospel in the 21st century.  Then on March 17, Saleim Kahleh, Assistant Minister at Houston Christian University, will be sharing his testimony of coming faith in Jesus Christ as one who had grown up a Muslim.  On March 24, we’ll consider the great news of Jesus’ arrival for all people on Palm Sunday.  For the first time, we’ll be holding a Good Friday service on March 29 to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  In light of God’s heart for the nations, we will celebrate Easter on March 31st and the GREAT NEWS that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is for all people!



Saturday, March 9, 7pm – “Reaching Jews with the Gospel”, with Nigel Christensen, Chosen People Ministries
Sunday, March 10 – “The Messiah in the Passover” with Nigel Christensen, Chosen People Ministries
Sunday, March 17 – “From Muslim to Christ Follower” with Saleim Kahleh, Houston Christian University
Sunday, March 24 – “The Hope of the Nations” with Pastor Daniel Ostendorff
Friday, March 29, 6:30pm – Good Friday Service
Sunday, March 31 – “The Great News of the Resurrection” | Easter Sunday*

*Easter egg hunt for children pre-k thru 5th grade to follow 2nd service.




Nigel ChristensenNigel Christensen

Celebrate Messiah/Chosen People Ministries

Nigel Christensen’ hails from New Zealand, where he serves with Celebrate Messiah, the New Zealand outreach of Chosen People Ministries.  Having parents who have been serving in Jewish ministry for over 45 years, Nigel was raised in an environment where God’s love for Israel and the Jewish people was vibrantly expressed. This gave Nigel excellent insight into God’s plans and purposes concerning Israel, past, present, and future. God was enabling him to become a useful resource for local churches and small groups. Nigel speaks on a range of topics that give the perspective and context of the Jewish writers of the New Testament. He also enjoys showing how the Old Testament Scriptures point to Messiah… [read more]

Speaking Schedule:

Workshop: Sat, March 9, 7:00pm – Reaching Jews with the Gospel
“The Messiah in the Passover”, Sunday, March 10 (both morning services)


Saliem KahlehSaleim Kahleh

Houston Christian University

Saleim was raised as a Muslim in a loving Islamic home. After his first year of college, Saleim went on a quest to find the truth about God and religion. The Lord Jesus revealed Himself to Saleim, and now he testifies around the world about “The Goodness of God”. Saleim Kahleh graduated in 1984 from Houston Baptist University (HBU) with a Bachelor of Science in Christianity and Recreational Sports. Employed by HBU for over thirty years, he has served as the Director for Intramural Sports, Assistant Soccer Coach, Coordinator of Student Affairs, Director for the Men’s Residence College, Coordinator for Prayer and Evangelism, Director of Campus Recreation, and Associate University Minister. He married Melanie Hancock in May of 1999 and they now have six beautiful children: Karah Grace, Saleim II, Simeon, Hannah Joy, Elianah Shalom, and Samuel Zachariah. Melanie Kahleh graduated from HBU in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and Christianity and taught Pre-K through 8th grade for three years. Perfectly matched in callings, Melanie also has a passionate desire for all people to know and experience the love and goodness of God.

Learn more. 

Speaking Schedule:

“From Muslim to Christ Follower”, Sunday, March 17 (both morning services)